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PRP Mini Season 3: A Casual Color Block

Hi everyone! Glad to see you here. For those who may not know, I competed in Season 25 of Project Run + Play and made it to the final three! It was fun, albeit stressful at times, but was such a lovely experience. Imagine my surprise when I was invited back to compete in Mini Season 3. I’m so thrilled to be here and show you the look I whipped up for the theme “Copy That Look” described as “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Using a specific outfit, designer, or aesthetic, let’s see your take on current fashion trends!

Anyone who knows my sews, knows I love a good color block for my kids. From the young ones up to the teens, you can spot color blocked ensembles from nearly every kids wear designer these days! I like to pin outfits that I come across day to day, so it was easy to reference that for my inspiration for this look. With the help of my sweet son, we decided on this one.

You can vote for my look here!

The source of the photo was Shein. For moral and ethical reasons, I refuse to support the company, even though they have really cute clothes a lot of the time. One of the benefits of sewing is that because I can design/hack/sew, I can recreate their looks, changing things to suit my tastes or getting more color choices/fabric choices. I can also make ethical and wise decisions every step of the way during the process.

This outfit was perfect to sew up as a sweatsuit, so instead of woven fabric, I opted for sweatshirt fleece in coordinating colors. I’m calling this palette vaguely split complementary haha. I mean navy, rust, and mustard is kinda blue, red orange, red yellow, right? I am on a no-buying-fabric-for-the-rest-of-the-year kick right now and fully holding to it, so I had to shop my stash, and these colors looked so lovely together, I couldn’t resist. It took some convincing for my son, because he really wanted the same colors as the inspo…but maybe one day…

The orange used is Red Clay and the mustard is Goldenrod, both from Jumping June Textiles. The navy is from Boho Fabrics.

For the top, I started with the George Hoodie. Since I was using sweatshirt fleece with around 10-15% stretch, I sized up one to ensure fit and extra coziness for our chilly fall season around the corner. I created the color block on the bodice and sleeves, added the extra length that the cuffs and waistband would have added (to account for the elastic hems). I drafted the large pocket in the front & added in the half zip, which took me longer than I care to admit to figure out how to neatly conceal the top of the zipper, since I didn’t want to line it, as the fleece was plenty thick and warm. I ended up switching out the zipper from my fabric photo because it was way too long, but I’m really pleased with my second choice.

For the bottoms, I used the Jingle Joggers with the side stripe option. I had to draft a new waistband due to the limited stretch in the fabric, and I drafted the patch pockets on the sides like the ones from the inspo. I added an extra inch of length to the hemmed option to add an elastic casing to them and voila! Check out his realization that the side pockets on the joggers were functional. He thought they were decoration!

I really love how the look came together from the color palette all the way through to the end result. This outfit is super on trend with what’s in stores right now. I even managed to grab these shoes from Target to pair with it after I was done sewing, and they have an almost identical color palette–major coincidence and I love it!

So….the question is, did I “nail the look?” I’d love your vote, if so! Head here for voting for myself or the other look! Thank you so much for reading!

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