Project Art Studio: Avatar & Me

When I joined in on this tour for Project Art Studio through Project Run + Play, I knew instantly how I wanted to begin. Though I don’t consider myself to be artistic, my eldest definitely is! For the past few years, I’ve watched Mint grow in their abilities from sketching in a notebook, experimenting with […]

Pullover Hoodie to Zipper Hoodie

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing you how to turn the a pullover hoodie into an unlined zip up jacket, instead. I have been so excited to share this one ever since I thought of it. I will be demonstrating using the Tuesday Hoodie from Ellie and Mac*, which has color blocking int it, […]

Pack Your Bag Closure Hacks

Hey friends! It has been much longer than I expected since I last posted. Summer was full of all things not sewing related, and as a result, I didn’t have much to write or post about. I did get a chance to sew several pieces this summer, but most were basics for my family. I […]

DIY: (Almost) Zero Waste Tote

Hi everyone, today I’ve got a new tutorial for ya and it’s sew fun to make and can serve many purposes. This summer, my kids and I will be visiting our local library a lot, and we often find ourselves juggling tons of books on the way to the car after our visits. I decided […]

Where I’m “Supposed” to Be

I’m 28 years old and sometimes, when I think about my life, I’m not where I’m supposed to be. See, I’m supposed to be an actress—an Emmy award winning actress who moved to Hollywood after high school to pursue my biggest dream. “This me” would have went to countless cold reads and auditions, roomed with […]

Make Your Own Flounce Sleeve

As promised in this post where I showed you how to make a lined V-neck bodice, here is the Flounce Sleeve modification I made on the same peplum! This is another Hack Your Pattern post, which allows you to take a pattern you already own and modify a part of it for a new look. […]

Scoop Neck to Lined V-Neck

Hi friends! Today, I’ve got a quick and simple Hack Your Pattern tutorial on how to modify a scoop neck peplum or dress bodice to a lined V-neck! I modified the Staycation Dress and Peplum from Ellie and Mac* to a lined v-neck a couple months ago and I love the way it looks on […]

My First Self-Drafted Pattern

Last week, I had a little extra time in my schedule, so I decided to play around with my dress form. We had just had a demonstration of draping with knits in my Fashion Draping course the week prior, so I decided to spend some time draping a knit torso sloper for myself. V1 was […]

Half Zip Neckline Hack

This is a blog post many have been waiting for. Back in March last year, I had posted a half zip Puff Sleeve Top that I made and many asked for a tutorial. I had actually already taken photos of the steps when I made that one and I said I’d do it…and well, here […]

DIY: Easy Cotton Skirt Tutorial

Originally published 7/28/2017 I love sewing. It’s legitimately one of my favorite things to do. I hardly do it as much as I’d like because of two main reasons: 1) it can be time-consuming and 2) it can be costly. Since I reeeeallly broke my sewing machine back out of the box last year a […]


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