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Project Run & Play: Week 4

I’m not even gonna say wow this time, because I’ve said it so much the past couple weeks. Goodness, what a ride it has been to get here…to the finale of this competition! I’ve had to push myself a little more than I ever have. Between strikes, pattern promo, and sewing for tutorials I write, […]

Project Run & Play: Week 3

Hi, hi, hi! I literally CANNOT believe that I’ve made it to Week 3. I also still cannot believe my look last week placed 1st!! Everyone’s looks were so phenomenal, I was sweating bullets all week waiting for voting to be done. Seriously, beyond excited to be back again. The theme this week is To […]

Project Run & Play: Week 2

If you stumbled upon this post in the wild, “hello” and if you’re here from the Project Run & Play blog, “nice to see you, again!” Wow, what can I say? I’m sooo stoked to be here with y’all another week. I don’t know how the judges managed, because last week’s look certainly were not […]