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The (Re)Making of a Wedding Gown Pt II

If you’re checking in here, this is where I started working on my wedding gown, and it is lengthy. I detailed my process, trials, and tribulations journal style. You can scroll through and check out pics if you just want to see it. If you’d like to read how & why I ended up with […]

The (Re)Making of a Wedding Gown Pt 1

When my husband proposed to me on Easter 2017, a million things went through my mind. “About time,” “I hope he knows what he’s in for,” and “oh crap, I’m going to have to make a wedding dress now,” were in my top three. We aren’t traditional in many senses, so we didn’t know where […]

How I Met My Husband

Back in 2002, when I was a ripe 14 years old, I was just starting to get very familiar with the internet and quickly became super excited about the idea of being able to have friends all over the world without having to travel. I frequented chatrooms and a site devoted to Degrassi: The Next […]