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12 Things Every New Sewist Needs

Originally published on 1/17/2019 Hi friends!! After writing my post about why I sew (which I will re-upload this week), I started thinking about those people who would often tell me they wish they could sew. I came to the realization that every day, in at least one of my sewing groups, I see people […]

Easy DIY Knit Maxi Skirt

Hi everyone! Back again on this lovely Saturday, but this time with another tutorial. I received this gorgeous ombre striped ITY from The Material Girls* and knew it’d make a perfect maxi skirt. After browsing and sifting through patterns I already owned, I didn’t come across anything that was exactly what I wanted. With a […]

Swimsuit Mini Capsule!

Hello, lovely friends! I’ve been a bit quiet the past couple weeks, but I’m just working on figuring out how to do this blogging thing forreal. Today I’m sharing with you my first ever capsule sews. I’m calling this one a mini capsule because it’s only 4 pieces, even though I do get 6 total […]