Hey y’all! I’m Lakeisha Shantelle.

I started “blogging” in 2015. It started out as something I just did on a whim when an issue was bothering me and I felt I needed to write about it. Or when I was feeling overly emotional. Or just because. It’s always been a very passive thing. Over time, I transformed my writings into an extension of my sewing space, then abandoned it for a super-duper-embarrasingly long amount of time before I eventually found my way back to it in 2021. I started this blog from scratch then, but have been slowly moving some of my old posts over from my old platform. Though my archives start in 2021, don’t be surprised if the date inside the post is much earlier 😉

There’s still no rhyme or reason to what or when I will write. I guess that’s why I call myself a “blogger.'” I don’t really keep a routine, a set schedule, carefully curated content, none of that kinda stuff. Maybe one day….for now, it just is what it is.

My little space on the internet, and it will be random, just like me.

Do I know it all? No. And I never will.
Am I a professional at anything? Absolutely not. I have never taken a sewing class in my life, unless you wanna count the countless hours of scouring YouTube and blog tutorials I’ve consumed.
But I love to share. I love to make things easier, if I can.
I love making “hard” things seem less scary.
I love to share my learning processes, the mistakes I make along the way.
I love answering questions about what tools I use, how I do this or that, where that lovely fabric is from.
I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in always striving to do & be better than you were last year, last week, yesterday, even.

I hope that when you leave my little space that you learned something new or simply feel inspired. Really, if I do nothing else in this “blogging” world, that’ll be enough for me.

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