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Rayon Spandex Solids at Amelia Lane

I think I’m falling more in love with the concept of solids. Since taking up sewing, I’ve been in the mind of “solid clothes are cheap so why make them” but I’ve found myself singing a different tune, as of late. Amelia Lane Design’s New Arrivals lineup this week is packed with rayon spandex solids and I sewed up two of them, so far. Navy and Terracotta are both 97% poly, 3% spandex, with a weight of 200 GSM & 2-way stretch. . When I had them laying out, the color combo reminded me so much of something, and after pondering for a while, it clicked. For my husband’s birthday a couple weeks ago, I had made a shirt for him from this beautiful floral DBP (Caroline, also from Amelia Lane) and the colors went so well together.

I didn’t have much left, but I had enough for some raglan sleeves to go with the Navy bodice. Being that I don’t wear a lot of tees, I did a quick search for a new raglan and decided on the Demi Classic Raglan from Sinclair. I had enough scraps leftover to cut two more sleeves, and my daughter settled on the Terracotta bodice. I used the Cloudberry Knit Raglan Shirt (also from Sinclair) for her top. Still so excited about the slim sizing. Literally NO grading was required for her, this time!

I didn’t stop there. I wanted a true solid top, so I used Terracotta for a new Dream Tee (one of Amelia Lane’s patterns). I slightly modified mine by raising the neckline, but aside from that, it’s the pattern as is. It’s still one of my favorite simple, satisfying sews. I sewed, hemmed, topstitched, and pressed in about 30 minutes!

Speaking of press…I think a lot of people don’t believe you can iron/press rayon spandex. But you can! I do it all the time, though there are special steps I take to get a nice result. For starters, you want your iron set pretty low. Rayon spandex burns very easily, and that can be avoided with a low temp. Next, I advise NOT to press directly on your ironing board or you’re likely to end up with the markings from the metal portion of it on your clothes. Also, do not press directly on your fabric, or your get a sheen from where the fibers have slightly burnt. I use a wool mat underneath my shirt and a press cloth on top of it. Don’t stay too long on any one spot, only press and steam to get rid of the wrinkles and move on. Easy peasy!

If you love rayon spandex, it’s definitely worth checking out ALD’s New Arrivals this week! I love the quality of all their fabrics, they stock so many great bases, and the company’s values make me so proud to support them, always. Check them out here! Until next time, friends….

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