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Thursday, March 7, 2019: My bad on getting this published so late!! I got behind on week 8 and then just lost track. Kept telling myself to come post here, but like I said, life happened. I try so hard to stay on top of myself on this challenge and hold that accountability, but it's inevitable that I will falter. If it's any incentive, I have actively been sewing (several pattern tests and strikeoff assignments), it's just all been background stuff. I'm going to give myself a freebie and make this one super easy because I need it (and I'm taking Saturday/part of Sunday off from sewing). I've been working on swimsuits this week, so I'm going to check that challenge off. Can't think of a time I'll be sewing more after these suits are complete, so it's probably for the best. Like my foreign pattern post, completed photos will be posted a couple days into next week's challenge because one is a part of a pattern that releases on Tuesday and the other is a part of promo fabric which won't be revealed until then, also. So yeah...that's what's on the agenda. I promise to get back into the real swing of things for Week 10!

Monday, March 11, 2019: The swim pattern I tested last week just released, so I am now able to share the pics! Prior to this, I'd never sewn with swim fabric, so it was definitely good for my first try. My daughter loves the swimsuit, and I have another planned once the swim fabric I ordered arrives.

Glad I could catch up on this post!