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Tuesday, February 26, 2019: I'm a bit late in actually posting this on the blog, but I chose my challenge on Sunday, which I had posted on my Instagram. This week, I'm going with underwear. I was wanting another scrapbuster, as I'm not in the mood much for sewing a whole lot extra this week. I'm in a few tests and just finished sewing the last of my February strikes, so something simple is much appreciated. I'm also trying to get the courage/motivation/nerve to start potty training our son, so hopefully some cute undies will be a step in the right direction! Anyone have a favorite undie pattern?

Thursday, March 7, 2019: Totally realized today I bombed on this challenege and had intended on posting earlier that I was combining it to another week. Life happened and I got completely overwhelmed for a second and wasn't able to get this done. Can't believe I've slipped twice now (three times, considering that week 9 never even got posted). I'll revisit this challenge in the future!!

Thursday, June 13, 2019: Week 22 in my challenge was Scrap Buster, so I took that time to go ahead and sew a couple pairs of undies, so I could check this one off, too.

Our son still isn't potty training, but my fingers are still crossed that cute undies will encourage him a bit. They are quick sews and hardly take up any fabric, so I'm sure these will be a preference over store bought 😉

The boxers are Made By Jack's Mum Speedy Pants in 2T and the briefs are the Ladybug Undies from A Sparkly Baby. Both fit well based on measurements and will be great additions to our little one's drawer!