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Sunday, February 10, 2019: Hi loves! Welcome to Week 6 of my challenge. This week, I have a paid project to put the finishing touches on, a couple pattern tests to submit for, and strikeoff fabric for a couple different hosts to sew up. All in all, I'll be quite busy. I’m choosing a foreign pattern, as this will allow me to use one of this week's commitments to also knock out this challenge. I’ve been looking around on Makerist for weeks, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few designers. Check back in later this week as I choose a pattern and start showing you sneaks...

Tuesday, February 12, 2019: I chose my pattern, which is from Mama Mika. It's a pullover, called Dreikäsehoch.

On my quest to find the perfect pattern, I just went on and browsed. When I figured out certain keywords that were showing up in patterns that I liked, I started searching those. I wanted angles, as most of the US based patterns I have worked with have a lot of curves and rounded features. I actually saw the pants that match this first, went to the maker's profile, and came across the top. It was perfect!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019: Since this pattern is German, the sizes are not familar to me. With a couple conversions (and comparisons of US patterns I already have printed), I settled on size 98 for my son. The pattern was a bit wonky to put together, for some reason. Things weren't lining up 100%. By the time it was all done, I did NOT want to print it again and reassemble for my daughter. I decided to just trace my son's size onto other paper and cut my daughter's size from the printed version. I plan to make her one some other time. For now, though, focusing on my son's to have done in time.

I also went through and translated any notes or labels that I saw on the pattern pieces. That was helpful in knowing what the pieces were, which were cut on folds, knowing the grainline, etc. Aside from a few things that were in bold in the tutorial, itself (which I assumed were important, like seam allowance notes, cutting reverse images, etc.) I did not have to translate anything else. YAY!

Here's a screenshot from one of the notes I translated because it looked important!
Here's a screenshot from one of the notes I translated because it looked important!

Saturday, February 16, 2019: All fabric was cut earlier during the day. I had a few other projects to finish sewing and photograph first, so I waited until bedtime to actually sew this. Thank God for photo tutorials, because I didn't even have to translate ANYTHING during sewing. I've sewn enough to be able to just follow visual steps, therefore this came together pretty easy for me. I finished, but photos to come in the morning when there's light out. In LOVE!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019: Here is the finished project y'all!! I love this so much!

I love the V pocket, as opposed to the scoop pockets I'm used to seeing. I also liked using my coverstitch with rainbow thread to topstitch, which was the perfect complement to this gorgeous PBS fabric that's available from Run Amok Custom Fabrics for preorder currently. This was a fun week, and I forsee making more of these in my future. It's a little big on my son (I could have made the size below) but he should have it later on in the year to still wear when it gets cold again! Such a great challenege this week and a lovely intro into international patterns for me. I've already scouted a couple others! Week 7 coming up soon....