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Sunday, 1/27/2019: Hello sweet friends! Another Sunday begins another challenge. This past week was super busy for me with 4 pattern tests in various stages. I still have one to wrap up this week, a personal project to work on, and some more sewing for strikeoffs. I think I will use this week to focus on a challenge that's not sewing related. I'll be working on some hand embroidery. I've never done it before (aside from the not-so-perfect smile on the memory bear from week one. I've seen so many beautiful hand embroidery projects in my sewing groups that I've always wanted to give it a shot. I go. Stay tuned as I try to figure this out. I'm excited!!

Sunday, 2/3/2019: Hi dear friends! Unfortunately too much life got in the way this week and I was unable to work on this challenge. I will touch back on it sometime during the year as I find free time and combine it during another week. Sorry to have let y'all down :(