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Lead image for 'Week 35 Challenge - Colorblocking'

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Sunday, September 1, 2019: This week I am sewing up a pattern with colorblocking. Max & Meena recently released a pattern called the Iced Tee and it looks super cute. I adore tha piping that runs over the shoulder and have a really cool idea for it. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 4, 2019: I'm back! I used this Zuku panel that was on preorder from Wanderlust Custom Fabrics for this look and their lime green solid cotton lycra. I didn't have any additional coord for this particual set, so this pattern was PERFECT! I cut the front panels from the actual panel and used them on the back, then used the solid cotton lycra for the front side panels and sleeeves. The piping strip is actually from the large scale gradient that I sewed up for myself, and there was literally JUST ENOUGH that had the right color scheme I wanted. #winning

I adore this pattern and will definitely be making my way back to it for future strike sews (and probably sews in general). Until next time...