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Sunday, August 18, 2019: Hey folks! I don't intend on doing a whole lot of sewing this week that can fit into any of the remaining categories, because life needs me a little more right now. Because of that, I am going to plug in a sew I finished up a couple weeks ago.

My daughter has been loving tulle skirts lately, so I've tried to incorporate them in a couple outfits. I even made myself one to go with some Halloween strikes. While they're super easy to actually sew, they're annoying and shifty to get set up to sew haha.

For this one, I did a layer of satin and 6 layers of tulle, attached to a 2 inch elastic. I cut the circles from the same skirt pattern piece, with no modifications. Because this pulls over the hips you may need to check measurements to make sure it's able to stretch enough.

We really love how cute these are, and how easy they are to make (if you get past the shiftiness of the layers).