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Sunday, August 11, 2019: With the school year upon us begins the countless amounts of snacks and school lunches. I remember when my daugther was about 3 or 4, she asked if we could swith to paper bags over plastic because of the waste, then when she was a little older, she asked for resuable over paper because there was still waste since her school didn't compost. My family isn't super duper environmentally conscious (we just don't know what we don't know), but we like to do what we can wherever we can. So we don't buy disposable things usually, even if it means we wash a crap ton of dishes. Buuuut, we have defaulted back to ziplog bags again. Shame, I know.

I bought a few yards of ProCare Food Safe fabric a couple years ago, and I know we have quite a bit left, so I plan to pull that out and sew up the kiddos some more snack bags. I'll either wing it (they're literally rectangles and velcro) or dig up the post I used to use to make them. Anywho, reusable snag bags is what you get this week :) See you later!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019: I had cut 4 bags (2 for each kiddo) but only finished up 2 to post now, so I'm doing it anyway. Challenge still complete, right? 😜 I used the Christmas Freebie Reusable Snack Bag tutorial from Made for Mermaids for these. It was super easy to follow, nothing complex at all. It would be super easy to make them an array of sizes by following the same steps but changing your dimentions of fabric and velcro.

I'll finish my son's sometime. I just felt too lazy to wind a black bobbin thread lol!!