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Sunday, August 4, 2019: Helllllo, friends! You know how I did zippers a couple weeks ago? Well I'm still living off of that adrenaline, and This week, I'm braving it and making a bomber jacket! I have the most goregous strikes on hand, and I believbe they will make an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING jacket! Super vague (because it's an unreleased strike). I wish yall could see the vision in my head! Anywho...maybe I'll sneak a little of the fabric here sometime soon...who knows? Stay tuned...

Friday, August 9, 2019: Strike fabric is up for preorder now, so I'm able to share my creation. I am beyond thrilled with how this jacket turned out! My husband said it looks super high end and that makes me so happy. I really took my time with the topstitching and little details to make this as tidy and neat as possible. Sidenote: it was almost reversible but I forgot to buy a reversible zipper. Smh.

An image from Sincerely, Shantelle
An image from Sincerely, Shantelle

I don't think our daughter has ever been so excited for something that I made and that's saying tons because she quite often squeals when I finish sewing something for her. 🤣 Check out those welt pockets, though. 👌🏾

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