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Sunday, July 21, 2019: Hey y'all!! I am back home after over a week away from my machines and it feels...weird haha. We got back last night, and suprisingly, I haven't touched a machine at all. I did deconstruct a pair of Walmart bell bottom leggings to use as a pattern, but aside from that I haven't jumped back into sewing yet.

I was supposed to make some sleep shorts before I left...and well...that didn't happen. I ended up putting vinyl on 6 shirts and sewing 2 shirts the night before we left. Actually didn't hem them until less than an hour before we got on the road. I had said that we didn't need Disney shirts, but then I felt like I'd look back and wish I'd made some so it was super last minute. SIGH. I'll get around to making some sleep clothing this week though with some strike fabric that I have, and I'll be sure to add those photos.

For this week's challenge, though, I don't know what I'll be taking on yet. I'll come back and update as I get some strikes out of the way! If I don't...well, there's just another week I'm behind to add in the future. 😅