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Sunday, July 7, 2019: Hi there, friends!! Glad you're still here. At the end of this week, my family and I will be going on our first real vacation (YAY). We are headed down to Orlando for a week to stay at my mom's timeshare, visit Disney, and sight see and are hoping to stop by a beach for a day on the way, if the weather is cooperative. Why is that relevant to this week's challenge? For starters, that means I am going to be behind a week, because being without machines means I won't be able to sew. I will just double up some other week, which shouldn't be too difficult because some of my next sews are going to include lace and tulle, both of which are on my list.

Secondly, staying at a resort makes me feel like I need real pajamas, not just my husband's old t-shirts that were in bags for Goodwill donation lol! I just want to sew myself a few new sleep shorts and maybe a gown or two to bring with me, so that's what I'll be focused on this week. I have one pair in mind (some awesome bamboo french terry I have leftover from a strike), but I'd like a couple more, too! Stay tuned...