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Tuesday, May 28, 2019: I chose this week's challenge on Sunday, but didn't get the post up up until today. I'm wanting to make some sort of accesory, but not sure what that means yet, to be honest haha. Maybe I'll make a wallet, a new library bag, a headband. I don't know yet. I'll decide tonight and post here of IG tomorrow. I've taken a couple days off from sewing and tomorrow is back to business!

Thursday, September 12, 2019: I decided to make an accesory bag for some of my sewing items and some coffee cozies. For the accesory bag, I used this tutorial from the Seasoned Homemaker blog. I wish I had actually made the pull tabs instead of using ribbon, but I didn't feel like seam ripping just to change them and overall I think they're adorable. The tutorial made the perfect size.

For the remainder, I drafted my own coffee cozies by tracing one of the cardboard sleeves I brought home from the church cafe lol. It's funny because the day I was set to promote these, a pattern maker released a free coffee cozie pattern! Smh. At least it wasn't complex to do on my own.

That's it for today!