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Sunday, May 20, 2019: Hey folks! I'm still working on last week's, but already know the direction I'm heading in for this week. I met a fellow sewing mama at our MOPs end-of-year party, and we started discussing patterns. She said she sews from the Big 4 (or 5...can't remember) and I talked about how PDF was the way to go and how I've never sewn a paper pattern! She was shocked at that, and so was I. Later that evening, I tried to recall where my reluctance came from, and honestly I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I feel like I've seen other people say terrible things about them in the sewing community and it kinda rubbed off on me to have an aversion without ever having tried them. I'm ashamed. Such a pity, I know.

Never fear, though! I'm going to be sewing one up as part of this week's challenge. I know I've grabbed them on sale at JoAnn, and I also have gotten some in miscellaneous sewing bins I've bought from Facebook there are some somewhere around here. I'm going to prioritize getting this past week's dress done, but I'll get to digging. In the meantime...who else hasn't sewn a paper pattern before?

Wednesday, MAy 22, 2019: I spent Monday browsing the McCall's website for a pattern to catch my eye and FELL IN LOVE with a woven one for my daughter. I checked Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's sites and it didn't show up on either. Yesterday, on a whim, I went by Hobby Lobby after meeting my best friend for lunch and I found it!! YAY! Today, I went ahead and traced out the size I needed and cut out the pattern. Plan is to get it sewn up tomorrow.

I'm really excited and already thinking about attempting one in knit, but I'll sew this one first and see how the sizing is before making that call. I really love the sleeve options and want this in my size. 😬

Sunday, May 26, 2019: It has been a LONNNNNG week. I've sewn and photographed way more this past week than ever and I'm EXHAUSTED! I did manage to get last week AND this week's challenge done, so I'm pretty pleased.

The McCall M7888 pattern that I used was pretty straight forward. I'm a visual learner, so I had to read some stuff multiple times to make sense of some of the illustrations, but that is just how I learn. I really love the outcome of the top and my daughter does too. She said she LOVES the style as soon as I asked her to try it on. I used rayon challis from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics, and I did a rolled hem instead of turning under.

I've only got a flat lay for now, as my girl wasn't in a modeling mood today (I don't blame her...she's had to model 4 evenings this past week for strike photos). She said she will try tomorrow though.

Oh, and remember how I said I wanted one for myself....?

I could fit my daughter's size 8 lol!!! Though the fit is obviously different than intended on me, it's promising. I could go a size or two up and be solid. #PerksOfBeingKidSized 🤣 I also feel pretty confident in using this pattern for knits, though sizing down would certainly be a good idea!

Now head on over to see the completed Week 19 challenge that I finally got around to finishing and photographing this evening!