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Wednesday, April 10, 2019: Hellllooo!! I took a couple days off this week to focus on family, so didn't feel rushed to get this post up. I have a friend who recently had a new baby girl, and I've been itching to make her a thing or two. As any opportunist would, I'm taking the moment to mark something off of my challenge list this year. I've been quite enjoying binding in a few other projects I've worked on lately, but they were parts of other challenges or just things I needed to do. This time, I'm checking "binding" off the list.

I think for this challenge, I'll be using the Brindille and Twig bodysuit dress pattern. It's super adorable, and I've never made a onesie, so it'll be a nice little challenge. (Don't worry, I have tons of fabric if I ruin it too bad lol). Photos shoud be up by Sunday. Maybe I'll post a couple sneaks...not sure yet. See you soon....

Friday, August 9, 2019: Hi y'all! So, funny story. I never actually finished this bodysuit. In fact, I cut it out, in custom fabric mind you, and have no clue where I put it. It's been a busy, busy few months for me. I've been non-stop sewing, as usual, though. So I have sewn binding. To be fair to myself, I'm using one of my sews to tick off this box. I made the Jessie dress from 5 Out of 4, which features a neck binding and binding that criss crosses in the back.

An image from Sincerely, Shantelle
An image from Sincerely, Shantelle

I really like this back detail, though I'll have to work on getting it placed well on my body. I had some gaping that it was hard to eliminate, but I think that's because it dips low and I usually need a swayback adjutsment (which I didn't do this time). I'm definitely planning some top length ones in the future though!