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Tuesday, March 19, 2019: Hey y'all! This week I've decided to work on something woven. I've been sewing non-stop knits for the past couple of months, and I'd like a little change of pace. So many cute wovens are readily available in JoAnn and Hobby Lobby, but I oftentimes overlook them in favor of knit. I got a few great woven pattern recommendations, so I'll probably be working on shorts for my daughter. Store bought are NOT working and I've been seeing some really cute designs lately. Heading to JoAnn today while out to take my son to his favorite play space for a couple hours. May post some fabric options this evening!

Sunday, March 24, 2019: Didn't post any updates here. As my content grows on my blog, it takes an exceedingly long amount of time to push up new stuff. That's currently being worked on in the background, but in the meantime, y'all will probably see my main post and ending posts with miscellaneous information (fabric and patttern choices) over on Instagram.

All that aside, for this week's woven challenge, I chose to sew the Potato Chip Pants from Tie Dye Diva. I was able to get a pair of the shorts for my daughter out of 3/4 yd of quilting cotton.

From these fabrics I grabbed at JoAnn last week, she chose the watermelon print. Didn't surprise me her age seem to be obsessed with food prints haha.

For my girl, I had to mash three sizes to get a decent fit. I probably coud have sized down her hips to match the waist size because she was on the cusp of both. Overall, I was pleased with what we achieved. These shorts stay on her waist, they aren't bunched up in the back from having to cinch elastic to the last slot, and they are a good length that she feels comfortable in.

An image from Sincerely, Shantelle
An image from Sincerely, Shantelle
An image from Sincerely, Shantelle

I think I'll be sewing up many more of these to fill her closet for summer. I should try some for my son, too while I'm at it :)