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Hey, hey, hey y’all!! Today I’m popping in to introduce you to my sewing challenge for the year. I don’t know if you had the chance to read my Year in Review from last year, but I spoke briefly about how I re-discovered my passion for sewing and how it took off more than I ever imagined.

While on this journey of delving into the world of all things PDF pattern and fabric galore, I realized there were certain techniques, methods, & projects I’ve always been reluctant to try out out of the fear of failure or not measuring up to one of my various sewing muses. 2019 is the year I am determined to bid adieu to FEAR, and instead, EMBRACE the lessons that come from my mistakes!!

In order to do so, I decided it would be a good idea to develop a challenge which includes all of these things PLUS more. With the help of a few of my lovely Facebook friends, I came up with 52 categories or keywords, which will drive my challenge this year. In keeping with my personal goal from last year of sewing one item per week, this challenge accommodates that.

Originally, I had the plan to draw a keyword from a jar at random every Sunday, but I recently landed two positions sewing strikeoffs, I am in at least one pattern test almost weekly, PLUS I aim to apply for more positions, so I wanted a little more fluidity in my choices. So, say I’m in a test in a particular week that calls for ‘buttonholes’ but I chose ‘elastic’ as my keyword that week. If I couldn’t make the two work together OR didn’t have time for more than one sew that week, I would already feel behind in the challenge. Instead, I just decided each week I will choose the keyword I am focusing on based on what suits me in the present. If I ever need inspiration, I will ask my husband to choose a word from the list.

Every Sunday, beginning on Sunday, January 6, I will post the chosen keyword/category to my instagram @sincerely_shantelle. From there, I gave myself free reign. Some words are more specific (example from earlier: buttonholes) others are super interpretive and allow me some freedom in choosing a project (example: quilted). I’m SEW excited for this and looking forward to the challenge and all the growth and creativity that will come along with it. I invite any of my sewing friends to join me and share your creations and progress with the hashtag #sewwithss.

Do you have a suggested category? I’d love to hear it!!