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Hi friends!! Today I am one of the first stops on the first day of the Back To School (B2S) Blog Tour being hosted by the amazing Karly of Paisley Roots. This is my second time ever doing a blog tour, and also my second time with her, and I feel super honored to be a part of this tour with a bunch of amazingly talented sewists.

It hasn't yet been a year tthat I've been hardcore sewing clothes for my family, so prior to now, I've never had to consider back-to-school sewing. When I joined in on the tour, I envisioned sewing a mini-capsule. I wanted to sew ALL. THE. THINGS. When I sat down and thought about the time constraints I had, in between travel, house-sitting, preparing for back-to-school, meetings, and general life didn't work out. What I could do, however, is make my daughter's first day outfit. Not only that...but I decided that I wouldn't buy fabric for it OR a pattern...SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE EXPENSIVE! Gotta save those coins somewhere. 😜

My daughter loves to be part of the design process, so I told her my plans and let her dig throgh my stash for fabrics she liked. After sifting through what she had chosen, I asked her what kidns of pieces she wanted. She said she wanted to wear either a skirt and t-shirt OR a tunic and leggings, but she wasn't sure which one, so I made the exception that I would sew two outfits and let her pick the morning of.

For the first outfit, she chose this navy and coral floral poly rayon spandex and solid coral cotton lycra for the tunic and leggings. I made a Paige Piko from Made for Mermaids and the Kids' Leggings in capri length from Halla (the code to make it free is in the Facebook group). The Paige Piko has a couple diffferent hem variations and we really adore the sleeve flounce. The Halla leggings are our favorite. I love being able to easily make any length. I printed the full inseam, but just fold to whatever length I need for a given project. Both were super quick sews and make for a stylish outfit together.

For the second outfit, she wanted a regular t-shirt and a twirly skirt to pair with a jean jacket. We chose the Anything But Basic (ABB) Tee from DIBY Club and the Skater Skirt from Love Notions (make sure to grab the code from the Facebook group to snag this one for free). We love the ABB as a base. It's one I would actually love sew a few up in solids and add vinyl to. It was super easy to get a good fit for my daughter, as the instructions for blending are super thorough. She loves twirly skirts, so I knew the Skater Skirt would be a perfect addition. These were two more quick sews.

I definitely would have loved the opportunity to sew more pieces, but between travel, general summer stuff, and tons of strikes, extra sewing time seems a bit rare. I was super down to the wire finishing these up, if I'm being honest. We do love the two outfit choices, though, and I'm happy that my daughter has clothes that she helped create and that she will love. I look forward to adding even more pieces as the school year goes by. It's almost like free clothes shopping when I'm using fabric I already own PLUS using free patterns 😜.

What are your favorite free patterns to sew up? I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a comment on Instagram letting me know!

P.S. A special thanks goes out to all of our sponsors below. Don't forget to check out the Giveaway, as well, for a chance to win some free patterns and fabric!

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