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At some point in time...maybe two years ago, I had this grand vision of myself as a blogger. I saw myself writing regularly, always having something to post about. I even enrolled in a business course (and attended the e-sessions) on building blog traffic, making a blog profitable, and all that jazz. That was probably six months ago. To this day, my blog hasn't generated a penny of income. I'm 100% fine with that.

I have some friends who enjoy my writing. They reach out to me when I do post and tell me how much they missed me while I was silent. Some tell me how they needed a post or it resonated with them for whatever reason. When I get these messages or see comments to the same tune, I start feeling amped and inspired to continue to share. "I MUST WRITE MORE," my maniacal inside voice obnoxiously shouts. The real life problem is, I don't feel like I'm able to keep up. On any given day, I'm jotting things down in note-taking apps in my phone or in my various notebooks throughout the house. Sometimes, my writings are motivated by current events, other times they're from frustrations with things I am experiencing with my life. I write when something great happens and when I'm having a rough time. I write about what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I'm making. I write tutorials, tips, recipes, poems, short stories, and lists. Ultimately, I'm too busy trying to get better with sewing/creating, babysitting & keeping my own children preoccupied, trying to maintain a (decently) clean home, cooking, and reading articles & books. 99% of those writings never leave the medium that they were originally written.

I should just write anyways, right? Deciding to "blog" (or simply write) doesn't have to have a rhyme or reason, correct? Can't I just do it when I'm moved to do so? Even prior to taking that course, I never envisioned myself using my blog as a source of income. It never felt like something I wanted to take on. In order to get paid for a job, you have to show up as scheduled, right? How would I get paid when I go months without writing?

For me, all forms of writing are forms of therapy. Writing is cathartic. Writing sets me free.

So yeah...about wanting to be a blogger. I think my goals have changed. I think I just want to write when the wind blows words my way. If my teensy following continues to enjoy & relate to my thoughts, I'm such a simple gal, that that's fulfilling enough for me.