The Making of a Minecraft Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, our daughter turned six! Yay!! We had known for a while that she wanted to have a Minecraft party. I was a little wary, because last year her birthday party was Frozen themed and required far too much time and money for a five-year-old. I set out this year with a plan to spend as little as possible and DIY as many things as I could. Pinterest provided a lot of inspiration for me. I got the idea to do Minecraft themed food from there. I just ordered these food signs from Etsy and paired them with foods that resembled the Minecraft item: pretzels for sticks, Hot Tamales for redstone, Rolos for gold, Swedish Fish for fish, Twizzlers for TNT, and green grapes for slime balls. I put the snacks out on emerald green cake plates from Party City. The snack table was perhaps the easiest part, not really requiring much work, aside from printing and cutting out the signs. *Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo after all the snacks were put out and before they were eaten.

IMG 0005

The banner was done in Photoshop to resemble the food signs and hung with green curling ribbon. The diamond sword was a DIY project I did a couple of months ago based loosely from this tutorial. The main decorations came from a papercraft kit that Lay received for Christmas last year. That’s where the trees, the blocks, the chest, and Steve came from! It can be found here. I also placed the toys she had collected over time and some Minecraft coloring pages on the table for the children to use.

IMG 0008

I bought a crap-ton of streamers (I don't know why) and wanted to do something with them. The day before the party, I had the random idea to use them to create a divider between the living room and dining room. I figured it might encourage people to stay out of there with the food, and it would make the dining room look more festive. It took about an hour to make, but it turned out pretty nice! It also managed to stand all of the children running back and forth through it. (It also managed to stay up for about a week after the party until I took it down.)

IMG 0001

For the goodie bags for the children, I just picked up some green gift bags from Christmas Tree Shops and colored creeper faces on them with black Sharpie markers. Inside, I put some lime green glow sticks from Party City, these Minecraft toys I saw in the checkout line at Walmart, and some Pop Rocks. For the thank you notes, I typed up some simple notes in Microsoft Word and printed them out on green paper and glued them to black construction paper. I used some of the same green curling ribbon I used for the banner to attach. I handed the bags to the children to use to collect the candy from the piñata. I feel this helped offset the fact that I didn't put a lot of stuff in the bags. I've been to parties in the past that had quite an extensive amount of goodies. I was not trying to compete!


The piñata was one of my most time consuming projects. I started out using this tutorial for the piñata, but finished out on my own. I had never used a moving box to make one. This site was pretty helpful in getting the top of the box set up and sealed properly so that it could support the weight of the candy. For the decorating portion, I just winged it and alternated between two different colors of tissue paper that I had on hand and some cut pieces of black streamers for the creeper eyes. A hint to anyone making a piñata from a moving box—make sure to cut some sort of grid in the sides with an Exacto knife to weaken it a bit. After two turns for all of the children and adults, it still hadn't broken! We ended up having to cheat a bit ;)


It's been ages since I've been to a birthday party with a piñata, so it was the night before the party when I remembered that you are supposed to be blindfolded! Enter the Enderman head. I used another moving box, a half of a black tablecloth I used for the countertop in the kitchen, some hot glue, and some construction paper! Voila!

Endermanheadcrop Pinata11

Even daddy enjoyed playing with the Enderman head the night before the party. If you have a minute, check out his site. He is super awesome!


The cake was the most challenging, rewarding, and time-consuming project. By no means am I a baker, so from start to finish I was literally figuring it out as I went. This was only my second time ever working with fondant. I figured a cake covered with squares would be easy. Not! Her dad and I were up until after 1 am the morning of her party assembling the squares onto the cake. It came out fairly decent (who cares that the cake itself was lopsided) and everyone loved it. The best part is that only two pieces were left when the party was over. I hate having leftover cake. Someone has to eat it, and I hate when it has to be me!

Cake1 Cake4 Cake5

For most of the party, the kids were snacking, dancing, playing outside with water balloons, and demolishing the playroom. We had pizza outside in the yard and enjoyed the hot summer day! The children had a great time and said that it was the best party they had ever been to. In fact, they had so much fun that the party ran over an hour later than the invitation time! At the end of the day, our sweet birthday girl was happy, and that was most important to me. She is already talking about her seventh birthday party being Splatoon. That sounds like it'll be fun...

If you have any questions about where to get anything or how to make something I didn't give a link to, comment below or email me! I hope y'all enjoyed!

Sincerely, Shantelle
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