Mommy Wars: The Battle of Condescension and Retaliatory Judgment

In regards to motherhood, we have tons of decisions to make straight out the gate. Natural or medicated birth? Breastfeeding or formula? Vaccines? What parenting style will I practice? How will I dress him...what if he wants to wear pink? Will I go back to work? Stay at home? As the children grow older, we have questions about screen time, friends, education, extracurriculars, you name it.

I Wanted to Be a Blogger

At some point in time...maybe two years ago, I had this grand vision of myself as a blogger. I saw myself writing regularly, always having something to post about. I even enrolled in a business course (and attended the e-sessions) on building blog traffic, making a blog profitable, and all that jazz. That was probably six months ago. To this day, my blog hasn't generated a penny of income. I'm 100% fine with that.

6 Reasons I Think You're An Awesome Parent

Being a parent is tough. No doubt or questions about it. When our kids are born, we don’t get a hefty parental guide or manual to handle virtually anything that goes wrong. Our parents didn’t get one, either. If I need a little guidance on a case by case basis, what I do get is the internet—a necessary evil.

2016: My year in review...

A new year is upon us! This year was an interesting one. It was full of trials and triumphs. Happy moments, trying moments. It was a (mostly) good year for my family and me.

Where I'm Supposed to Be

One thing I started telling myself over and over again, is that in life, we end up where we need to be when the time is right. There is no magic age where you are "supposed to be" in a specific place. I had been stuck in that mindset for so long, that I had to snap myself out of it in order to see the true beauty of my current moment and the life I actually live.

Life With Two

Four months later, I am willing to admit that some days I am barely making it work in this life with two, but I have learned that my online and real life friends were right. You do make it work, even if everything is all hanging by the thread of a spider’s web.

Why Libraries Are Important

Thinking back to when I first moved to this town two summers ago, there were two things I made sure to do within my first week here. I located the closest playground and the nearest library. This should answer my question—I highly value the library in my community. "Should they be important to everyone else, too?" became my new question.

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