DIY: Quick & Easy Sensory Bins

These sensory bins are perfect for kids 18 months+. What's even better: you probably have a lot of things that would be great for this activity in your home already. If not, all of the things I've used can be purchased at the dollar store.


Why Taking a Break from Facebook Was What I Needed

I had to be brutally honest with myself. 90% of my time spent in the app was scrolling, hearting, laughing, liking, and random commenting. Sure I offered commiseration, solidarity, and supports to mamas and other friends who needed it...and they did the same for me, but when I consider the amount of time I spent being useful and purposeful...Facebook seemed like a complete waste of time!

facebook app

2017: My year in review

I wish much peace and love to everyone in 2018. May your families be happy and healthy, may your hearts be full, and may all your dreams be realized. ❤️


The (Re) Making of a Wedding Gown Pt. II

If you're checking in here, this is where I started working on my wedding gown, and it is lengthy. I detailed my process, trials, and tribulations journal style.


The (Re) Making of a Wedding Gown Pt. I

I always knew I wanted to design my own wedding gown whenever I got married. As a young girl, I never would have imagined that as an adult, I'd actually get to be the one to make it! I'm so very thankful that a $50 Kmart clearance sewing machine 6 years ago (updgraded since) and the help of YouTube led me to having the ability to be able to pull this off.


How I Met My Husband

People often ask me about how we met and are shocked that everything we have built all spawned from social media before social media was even a real thing. But I like to think it’s not about how we met…it’s about how we have held on. We trust & we are patient with one another. We compromise & we change when we need to. We listen & we vent. We support & encourage each other to chase dreams. We appreciate one another. We cherish one another. And we love…we love through the good, the bad, through everything.


Mommy Wars: The Battle of Condescension and Retaliatory Judgment

In regards to motherhood, we have tons of decisions to make straight out the gate. Natural or medicated birth? Breastfeeding or formula? Vaccines? What parenting style will I practice? How will I dress him...what if he wants to wear pink? Will I go back to work? Stay at home? As the children grow older, we have questions about screen time, friends, education, extracurriculars, you name it.